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How will I spend my time next month? Daily Plans: Friday, 31 March

Happy Friday AVID Students!
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-ACA Tasks: Discussion board post + 2 replies & GPA quiz
Big Idea: Structures have interrelated parts
Essential Questions: How will I spend my time next month?
Objectives: I can...

...set and meet a short term goals.
...practice creative problem solving strategies.
...suggest improvements for Sanford.
...identify topics being studied in my future career.
Image result for time for you1) Warm Up: Time for YOU! (15 min)
  1. Take out your planner.
  2. Add any upcoming assignments and weekend homework and events.
  3. Rank your progress toward your SMART goal (1 = oops...I forgot, 4 = already done, and done more!).
  4. Choose what to work on and work until 15 minutes is up!
2) Lesson Plan: Personal Choice Project Brainstorming Stations (65 min)
  1. Go over the station tasks.
  2. Break into groups.
  3. Visit each station. 
  4. Station 1: How Creative Are You?
  5. Image result for how creative are you
    1. Take the "How Creative Are You?" inventory here
    2. Record your results.
    3. Work with the people in your group to use the SCAMPER method here to recreate a TRF. Show your improvements by annotating the TRF on your table. (Your group may choose to improve a different item in the classroom.)
  6. Station 2: Suggestions for Sanford
    1. Image result for sanford north carolina parks and recreation
    2. Skim through the events and programs on Social Buzz and Lee County's Parks and Recreation sites. 
    3. Describe an event or course you would create and add in Sanford - do this on your stations paper!
    4. Name the event or course you would create on the list on your table.
    5. *Star* any events or courses you want to learn more about.
    6. Additional Resources:
      1. How will you improve our community?
      2. Lee County YMCA
      3. Boys and Girls Clubs
      4. Lee County Cooperative Extension: Take a look at 4-H, Lee County Young Commissioners, and more!
  7. Station 3: Hot Topics: What is going on in my career field?
  8. Image result for career clusters
    1. Write some basic information about your career and specific interests on your paper.
    2. Paraphrase the definition of "abstract".
    3. Use the search information on your sheet and CCCC's library page to find three articles about current research in your career. 
    4. Using the abstract, name the main topic being researched and note if it interests you or not.
    5. *Star* the most interesting article.
3) Exit Ticket: Station Reflection (7 min)
  1. Complete the reflection on the front of your sheet.
  2. Turn this sheet in!
  3. Share with a neighbor: If you had to choose RIGHT NOW, what would your project goal be? What would you do/create? 

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